Friday, December 16, 2011

Kids will be kids

This last week has been one of those weeks that moms understand all to well.  I wanted to post the fun stuff so that I will remember it and have stories to tell when they get older.  Last Sunday we were having a relaxing Sunday and stayed home and had family time. It was nice.  We were sitting in the front room the girls were running around and playing.  I was on one side of the Christmas tree and I knew Elene was on the other.  She comes around the tree and has something in here mouth.  So I asked her whats in your mouth? She opens her mouth and shows me.  She was so far away to see so I go see and she spits it out.  She had a light bulb in here mouth.  She ate a light bulb off the Christmas tree.  How many times do you here that? Me that was a first and she thought I was so funny and ever since then I catch her trying to eat more off the tree.  She is fine and she didn't get shocked. Kids will be kids, right?
And now the second story.  Brynlee comes up stair last Friday and I see something in her nose.  I asked her what it was and she said Elene broke it.  So I get it out and she had a bead in her nose.  I guess Elene broke Brynlee's necklace and Brynlee decided she should stick them up her nose.  So I asked her how many she put up her nose and she said 3.  So i am thinking did she really stick 3 up her nose. Sometimes her gets her 2's and 3's mixed up.  So i look up her nose don't see anything.  Try and get her to blew her nose, nothing.  So i am thinking maybe it was just one.  So Saturday she wakes up and sounds clogged. :S so I watch her all day to see if she is getting a runny nose or getting sick. Nothing. Sunday she wakes up sounding more clogged.  So now I am thinking she does have beads up her nose. Yay for us.  Monday I take her to the doc. and I learned two things. First- Brynlee knows who her doctor is. We didn't go to her normal doc.  And as soon as the doc. tried to check her out she flipped.  I had to hold her down and hold her head in order for the doc to look into her nose.  Second- Brynlee does know her 2's and 3's.  She had 2 more bead in her nose.  Kids will be kids, right?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2012

One of the bonuses of being married is you get Thanksgiving dinner twice, yeah that is right twice.  I love thanksgiving dinner, so many yummy foods just waiting for you to eat it up. ha ha 
We had the Varble Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  That is when we shared our fun news with the Varble family (pregnant).  Brynlee loved everything thing, stuffing, yams, jello salad,  deviled eggs but she didn't care for the turkey.  Silly girl.  But like every kid would she loved the pie.  Elene loved the yams, and jello salad and the rolls that was all that she would eat.  Neither of our girls really like meat.  We can get them to eat it sometimes but for the most part they don't really care for it. I was able to eat rolls, potatoes, no gravy and a little stuffing a taste of turkey and that is about it.  Next year when I am not pregnant I will make up for it. Jason loves everything.
Thanksgiving Day we went up to Morgan and had thanksgiving dinner with the Etherington family. And that is when we share our fun news with the rest of our family.  Everybody eat about the same at the Etherington thanksgiving dinner as the Varble thanksgiving dinner.  It was a nice relax full thanksgiving day.
I am so grateful for all the blessing we have.  We are about to enjoy so much and to know that our family is forever, is such and great blessing.  We have much to be thankful for this year. 

New Addition!

The New Addition is coming.  It is a few months away (June 4th, 2012) to be more exact.  Or there about. :) Yes that does me I am pregnant!  I am 12 week 4 days today. And yes everyday day counts.  We found out the first week in Oct. but have kept it a secret until this week and have been sharing our good news. 
I went to the Doctor for the first time a week ago. And when I came home we showed Brynlee and kind Elene the ultra-sound pictures and told her it was a baby.  She looks at me and says "a baby in your tummy?"  I told her says and she starts dancing and sing "Baby in mommies tummy, baby in mommies tummy"  She was pretty excited about it.  For the next 3 days she was wanted to tell everybody and kept asking me "is the baby coming out yet"  It is going to be a long pregnancy for her. Elene didn't really react, nor did I think she really would.  Because of the fact she still is pretty young to understand what is going on.  
Been sick but that is to be expected.  But it has been different then it was with the other 2 pregnancies.  I am hoping and praying that 15 weeks will hit and I will magically feel better and no more sickness.  That sounds so wonderful.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

End of Summer

Sadly the summer has come and gone, it goes by so fast!  This summer we tired to make it to the park at least once a week. Sometimes we made it more and sometimes not at all, but over all we were at the park a lot!  Elene loves to go down the slides and she doesn't need anybodies help.  She will climb to the top and then go down the slide and run and to it again and again and again.  She has no fear, therefore sometimes when she is climbing she gives me a heart attack.  Brynlee love to make friends.  If we dont go with friends (which is most of the time) she makes a friend.  She is so excited about it and invites them to come back and play.  She is so friendly.
We spent a lot of time down at the Catmulls. We would go for walks and the girls would always slow down in front of there house and within a minutes Reese would come running out. and then we would end up stay at least an hour.  Thanks Catmulls you made our summer full of fun.  They are great friends.
We took the girls to their first Durby this summer.  And at first they didn't like it.  It was to loud and scary.  But the next day Brynlee kept talking about it and how she wanted to go watch car crash again.  Elene was okay and long as a held her.  She doesn't like loud noises at all but wanted to watch the whole time.  It was a fun family outing. 
 We have gone up to the cabin this year June, July, August, September and October.  So we are been very lucky this year to have so many vacations.  We usually go on a weekend so we can have more days with out taking a whole bunch of vacation days. From a trips one of Elenes first word was "Buffalo"  We were able to is a fox on the cabin porch this year that was fun and exciting for both the kids and the adults. Brynlee gets so excited when we go.  We can't tell her until we are packing to go or she will ask at least 5 times a day. And Elene just squalls with joy when she see the cabin. 
Our summer went by really fast.  Between the everyday stuff and cabin trips and everything else. Summer is gone.  The last 3 days has make me realize how much I am going to miss it.  It has been rainy for the last 3 days.  Winter will be fun though.  Elene and Brynlee are at the age where they will enjoy playing out in the snow for hours.  So maybe we will spend a lot of time outside still.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Growing Up

I took Brynlee and Elene to there 3 year and 18 month well checks.  I wish i could found the paper that tells me there wait and height, because i can't remember both of their height.  
Brynlee-She did so well!  We weighted and measured her, I remember her weight she was 36 pounds and the height like i said i cant remember. Anyway they took us to our room and a couple minutes later while we were waiting for the doctor, the nurse came back and asked if she could measure Brynlee again because she thinks she wrote the number down wrong.  She took us to a different spot to measure her. Then she says well I wrote the number write.  She grew 5 inches in the last year! 5 inches!!! So needless to say she is still 95% for her height and 80% for her weight.  Tall and skinny.   People lately has been surprised when I tell them that she is 3 they think she is 4. And now i know that is because she is so tall. She ended up needing one shot, but because we had talked about it before hand she was ok with it right up until the shot was in her leg and then she didnt like it anymore.  lol  and then when it was done and I gave her hugs and some loving, that didn't make her feel any better. I said "You know what will make it feel all better? If you walk down the hall and get a sucker" She was off my lap and out the door so quick and no crying.  It did the trick. :)
Elene-she is still my little ball of energy. We had to distract her to have her sit still long enough to get there weight which was 21 pounds.  She has only gained 1 pound in the last 6 months.  She is little. She eats so much but because she is on the go so much she burns all her energy.  And again I can't remember her height either.  But I do remember that Elene has dropped to 50% for height so she hasn't grown alot lately.  And she is 20% in weight.  So he is little But she sure does have a lot of energy.  She was lucky this check up she did need any shots. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Project? Yes please

I decided that I want to finish the paint job in the kitchen that I started back in February.  Good idea right.  I am still trying to decided if it was a good idea or not.  So I decided I wanted my house to be a little more colorful.  My bathroom is a yellowish color, I painted my room the same color as the bathroom but because of the lighting it look different and more of a tan in my room.  And then the Kitchen we decided green.  It looks good but after painting the green we decided that the cabinets need to be darker and then it would look awesome.  
So this last week I had my little brothers (Jershon, Tennik and Nevele) here for a week.  What a great time to finish my paint/staining project right?!  So I did, well I started it at least. I have learned since starting this project
1-it is better to do it right the first time.  That way it doesn't take as long and you don't have to redo it.

2-It is better to have a lower number on the sand paper when you first start sanding, it goes by much faster.
3-Sponge brush in better then a paint brush when staining
4-back to #1 
5-If you go from the lower # on the sand paper to the higher # it looks so much better after you put the stain on.
6-so therefore back to #1
7-When somebody or a lot of somebodies say "wow, that is a big project" listen!
8- Last, well I am never re-staining kitchen cabinets again. 

I am now on day 8 of my project and yes I have had lots of help but I think it will be another 4 days before it is completely finished.  This is a project that I learned a lot from and will take the knowledge with me for the next big project I decide I should do.  As soon as I figure out how to put pictures up and once I am done putting my kitchen back together I will put some pictures up.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why? Why? Why? Oh and Teeth

Brynlee has entered into the Why stage.  So I here why, why and why all the time now. Sometime it is AWWW no more whys!!!!  But for the most part I think it is really cute.
The why's come form her want to process more information and understand what is going on around her. For example- Brynlee go get your shoes on so we can go to the store. B-Why? Me-because you have to wear shoes when we go outside and at the store. B-Why go to the store?  I need to get a few things so I can make dinner and cookies. B-Why? Me-because we need to eat dinner and feel our tummies. B-And cookies!? Me-yes and we can have cookies too. B-okay.
 So it may get frustrating sometimes but worth it to have her understand even the simplest things we do and if not that by me explaining somethings to her, it may just give her a bigger variety of words to use. So for now I think it is cute that is she in the why stage and love explaining things to her and see her process it in her little brain. 

Oh and Teeth
Elene had 3 more teeth pop through this late week.  2 on top and 1 on the bottom.  And it looks like there is 2 more trying to get out.  Elene has Brynlee beat by how many teeth at the age of 16 months.  But that is because Brynlee started getting teeth at 15 months.  I am hoping with all the teeth that Elene is getting that she will be better at chewing her food and not swallowing it to soon.  I would love for her to not choke as much.  I also glad that we are at the stage of teeth coming in and not the pulling out stage.  I think it is so gross and hope my children will pull out there own teeth because I know when it gets to that point, I will not to it gross.